Building The Preserve

The volunteer trail-building work was completed in 2022. We are profoundly grateful for all the time and effort that the trail-building volunteers have put in over the prior eighteen months. Over 50 volunteers have given over 1,500 hours of their time to build the trails.

The trail was designed by Erin Amadon of Towns4TrailsThe design specifications provide a good description of the trail’s design and the standards that it is built to. If you really want to get into the details of trail construction principles and practice, the mother lode is the Trail construction and maintenance notebook published by the USDA Forest Service.

The stunning virtual tour of the preserve was developed and is hosted by Meadowood Media, (802)760-6191

The evocative photography is courtesy of Porter Photography., (802) 782-0770

The graphic design for all the signage was done by Diana Wood of Table Rock Design (802) 730-6200.

The signs were manufactured by Great Big Graphics of Morrisville,
They are mounted on brackets custom made by LWI metalworks in Morrisville

Greg Fatigate of Rabbit Track Trail Works built and installed the bog bridging over the Ostrich-Fern Wetland.

John Doyle of Mansfield Fence and Boneyard Farm donated his labor to install fencing in the parking lot and at other locations through the preserve.

The steps down to the seasonal brook bridge were constructed using material donated by G. W. Tatro.

See the gallery for some recent photographs of recently completed work.

We will seek volunteers for ongoing maintenance work, such as the whack-a-mole work of clearing the Asian Honeysuckle and other invasive plants.

If you wish to participate in the ongoing maintenance work, or would like more information please contact Liam Kearney at