Nature Trail Accessibility

Although the trails will be narrow footpaths, those with limited mobility will be welcomed to the Preserve with a handicapped parking place and trailside access to the adjacent wooded area and the interpretive kiosk.

The trail was built to the Town of Cambridge Trails Overall Guidelines

 The Preserve is hilly and has grades of over 5% in some areas, making universal access challenging. Our current plan is for a somewhat primitive hiking trail and bridges. If in the future additional funding can be secured to study the feasibility of increasing accessibility, that will be pursued. There is the possibility that someday it might become possible to acquire the neighboring 10 acres which would allow more space for switchbacks. 

Although the trail itself will be challenging for mobility-impaired visitors because of the steep grade, once construction is completed there will be an accessible parking space and ADA compliant access to an informational kiosk and bench. While this may not go as far as providing a gravel surface for power chair users to access the Preserve, it will help provide a well-thought-out trail with proper grading, benching, and areas to rest, which will allow many young, old, and differently abled people to enjoy the trail.

Once the trail is complete, we will post information about the trail, grades, and distances on our website and at the entrance kiosk to give individuals the information to decide for themselves if the trail or sections of it is okay for them.

Winter Field Trip February 2022