Public Meeting : May 1st 2022

Peter A Krusch Nature Preserve
Public Input on the Long-Term Management Plan
At the Cambridge Elementary School

Residents of the Town of Cambridge (and other interested people) are invited to take part in this informational session and public discussion on developing a Long-Term Management Plan for the Krusch Preserve. Conservation easements on the property restrict its use to public recreation on foot. The new trail has been in daily use for a year now – many people have visited and will have firsthand input, and some may just be interested in learning more about this new town forest.

The session will start with the opportunity to visit six “stations” with displays to look at and Conservation Commission and Steering Committee members and other experts to talk with.  Topics will range from forests to educational programs and the wildlife of the Preserve, from Vermont Land Trust conservation easements to inventories and trail maps. An open forum discussion will follow. Public input will be solicited throughout, both in written form and in discussion. Jonathan Wood (Woody) has agreed to facilitate the discussion. The information will then be compiled into a recommended plan to be presented to the Town Selectboard, which has the final decision-making authority.

Forum participants, and those unable to attend the forum, are invited to fill out the usage questionnaire at this link.

Information on the Preserve and the Management Plan Links :
Vision Statement for the Management Plan April 2021 – Revised April 2022
Interim Management Plan, December 2020 
Summary of Proposed Long-term Management Plan April 21, 2022
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Results of the Cambridge Conservation Commission Questionnaire, October 2020
Forest Inventory and Analysis, February 2022
Archaeological Resources Assessment, May 2021
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